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New services are now available through the International Center for companies and organizations in Northern Indiana that conduct business internationally and recruit professionals from overseas.

The Talent Roadmap for Northern Indiana identified the recruitment of international professionals as an important component to the region’s long-term talent attraction and retention strategy. The report recommended offering additional assistance to international recruits and their families as they assimilate into the community and to the businesses that need to train co-workers regarding cultural differences.

The International Center offers services in three key areas:

  • Destination_Services – Working directly with a relocation group or an expatriate employee’s HR department, The Center will tailor programs to address critical issues and concerns at each juncture of their relations – before departure, through the search for a new place to live and “settling in” services. In addition, a course may be offered for the accompanying spouse or domestic partner and their family to learn how to navigate daily life in their new community.
  •  Global_Competency_Training– Providing customized training programs for corporate clients, service providers, educational institutions and community organizations. Clients may be arriving to live and work in the U.S., leaving to take a work assignment overseas, working in the virtual global environment or addressing diversity issues in their own Indiana workplace.
  •  Protocol– Providing advice and counsel to assist clients in using internationally recognized procedures to transform an unfamiliar environment into a comfortable climate in which to conduct business. Services range from creating itineraries and production schedules, to coordinating diplomatic visits to and from Indiana at various levels, to arranging official meetings for visiting delegations to managing international events and providing flag displays.


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