The Power of Regions.

Regional Competitiveness
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Indiana Secretary of Commerce, Dan Hasler, addressed a gathering of regional business leaders and challenged them to think regionally when looking at opportunities for their community. He also called attention to the importance of partnerships. “We stand a much better chance of being noticed if we stand together as a region versus if we stand apart by counties or cities,” explained Hasler “its just a matter of math and mass.”

Haslers remarks highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing Northern Indiana. “Our product is so strong right now” explained Hasler but the challenge is getting noticed in a global economy. So instead of trying to compete with big coastal cities, Hasler encouraged the region to look inward. “The most important thing we can do is support the small and midsize business who are looking to grow” this will drive job creation, economic growth and community prosperity.

For Secretary Hasler’s full remarks, please view the video.